Weekly Happy Thoughts

TGIF Everyone!

1. If you saw my post on the LA Mag Food Event you know I’m on a bit of a kick with the food events happening around LA… So anyone up for round two this weekend? Bon Appetit is “Grub Crawling” all over LA… something tells me you won’t regret taking part….  https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/pe.c/9827629

MasterCard | Priceless® Los Angeles

2. Well Halloween is next Thursday… so that means the parties are starting this weekend! Cupcakes and Cashmere put up the perfect post with clever ideas for treats to bring.

3. Speaking of Halloween… Check some adorable pumpkin ideas I found at a fun party last night!


4.  Since it is Friday….. and we all know that means if you’re lucky and on my two week cycle… it is PAYDAY. Ladies, you know you’re thinking, thank god I can finally get my nails done for my Halloween party this weekend. So I thought I’d inspire you with my fave seasonal colors :) After all, it is Friday.

mind your mittens - blues By Essie

Essie “Mind your Mittens”

Julep Catrina “It Girl”

OPI “Stay The Night”

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