Holiday Do-Goods

Tis’ the season of giving…. Below I’ve listed a few ideas on how you can give a little back before this wonderful 2013 year comes to a close!

Toy-Drive: Spark of Love Toy Drive

If you’re a Southern California Resident, Southern California Fire Departments are participating in the 20th anniversary of “Spark of Love Toy Drive.” Check here to see if a fire department near you is collecting – their goal is to raise over 500,000 toys for children in need. You can drop off new unwrapped toys or donate on the site above.

spark of love

(note: If you’re not a SoCal resident, Fire Departments all over the U.S. are usually participating in toy or food drives)

2. Adopt -A-Pup: If you’re a dog lover like myself…. adopting a homeless pup is always an amazing way to give back (you usually receive puppy kisses as payment). Below are some of my favorite shelters in the Los Angeles area, but you can always check in with local animal shelters for adoption areas. If you can’t adopt…. shelters are always asking for people to foster (house a pup until he finds a home), donate for food, blankets, & care, or volunteer!

Current Fave: Rascal @ What’s Up Dog LA

Adopt Rascal!

3. Sponsor a Meal: Get a group together to volunteer to serve a meal at a homeless shelter. In the Los Angeles area you can adopt-a-meal at the Los Angeles Mission.

There are always good things to be done to help out around the holidays :) find something that works for you!

Holiday Card Holder

So I am all about finding creative spaces for things like save-the-dates, holiday cards, and fancy birthday invites. It sounds silly but sometimes the good “old fashioned” paper in the mail can be so creative and fun and it feels like such a waste to throw these pieces away! Last year  I found this frame with small clothespins on it (similar here). It is a perfect way to display all the festive mail coming in this month (and you can switch it up come wedding season time!) :)

cardholder1 card holder 2 cardholder 3 card holder 4

The Feel Goods Around The Holidays

It is no secret that while the holidays are the “ha-happiest season of allllll” they also can be a big stressor on a lot of us. Parents stress (and even throw blows) for items like xbox360’s and the newest iphones for their kids (oh god dare we remember the FURBIE days?!).  You also have the people that wait in lines OVERNIGHT for the holiday deals…. You guys…. nothing is worth standing on the block of best buy overnight. I repeat, NOTHING.

But all that being said I wanted to make a list of all the things that make me happy around the holidays… Because in the season of gift giving, certifiably insane travel plans, and too many relatives in a small home, it is easy to forget why we make such a big deal of the holidays to begin with!

So here’s to….. the feeling of the first time you click “Mariah Carey Holiday” pandora station, the smell of your house the morning after you get your Christmas tree, walking from the snow into a home where something warm is baking, the unbuttoning of your pants after too many holiday cookies (don’t act like you haven’t…we know you’ve done it), laying eyes on the PERFECT gift for the person you think buys everything for themselves, the “Season’s Greetings” cards filling up the fridge with your friends and family, real carolers, holiday lights…. everywhere, soft sweaters, sparkly dresses, warm cocktails, spiced eggnog, fireplaces, candles, holiday parties, lazy sundays with holiday movies, watching Home Alone, watching Home Alone 2, watching Love Actually (oh you know you love it), Charlie Brown Christmas (do do do do do dooo do do do do), wreaths, glowing menorahs, sparkly ornaments, mischievous elves, Santa photos, reindeer on the roof, ugly Christmas sweaters, ugly Hanukkah sweaters, candy canes, peppermint schnapps, sledding, snowmen, snow angels, snowball fights, gingerbread men, advent calendars, new pj’s (preferably a fleece onsie), stockings, mistletoe, and making/keeping traditions that make this season so wonderful.

Holiday dreams.

Product Review: Hourglass Illuminator


 I have to be honest when I say 90% of the products I try that are supposed to drastically change my skin or hair… never make me look THAT different. So recently I was at a BBQ with my friend Emily who tends to be a product addict like myself. Throughout the day I was noticing that Emily’s skin was just glowing (I mean the girl is blessed in that sense anyway…) but aside from that she let me in on the fact that she had a new tinted moisturizer/brightener that she had fallen in love with. It didn’t take long for me to decide I envied her look enough to get a bottle myself of the Hourglass Illuminator and WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER. Not only does my skin have a similar glowy look and feel to it but the oil-free lightweight formula is also PG approved for the ingredients!

 Formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Synthetic Fragrances
– Synthetic Dyes
– Phthalates

So if that wasn’t convincing enough well then keep using your Maybelline… Or maybe just go to Sephora and get it here. You can thank me later.